Ford Motor Company is working with several other companies, including medical equipment maker Thermo Fisher Scientific, to produce COVID-19 emergency relief supplies medical and protective equipment. The plan is an effort by automakers and medical device manufacturers to work together to produce face shields, face masks, gowns and ventilators to be used to treat COVID-19.

Reusable gowns

One of the products the partnership is producing is a reusable gown made from nylon-based airbag materials with a built-in coating. Joyson Safety Systems, a Ford supplier, is expected to produce over a million gowns by the beginning of July.

More test kits

Another project is to increase production of the components needed for test kits for the virus. Ford has been working with Thermo Fisher Scientific on this project. Engineers at Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant are retooling the plant for production. Thermo Fisher is also getting help from Ford to adapt glass-making machinery to produce plastic containers needed for drive-through testing facilities.

Ford has also been working with 3M Corporation increase production of masks that are in high demand. The partnership is ramping up manufacturing of Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPR) and face shields. The 3M production of N95 masks has also increased through the partnership with Ford.

Though COVID-19 has negatively impacted business at Gateway Ford, we’re proud that Ford is stepping up to make a difference where it matters.

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