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Since so many people still buy pick-up trucks, the market for some form of bed protection is hot--plastic bed-liners, spray-in liners and bed mats are the choices. Some people don't care about scratching up a bed, but I'm not one of those people. We sold a new F150 to a man a few weeks ago and the first thing he did was unload a huge piece of metal (a rear end assembly) and slid it into the bed of his new truck. As the rusty metal ground into that freshly painted, pristine bed floor, I thought I was going to throw up! He just said "well that won't be the last scratch it gets". I have no doubt about that. I used to be a plastic bed liner fan--simple installation and less than $150.00, but stuff tends to slide around too much on the slick plastic surface and moisture builds up between the liner and the bed. Bed mats are great but they don't protect the sides. Spray-in liners are the way to go. All spray-in liners are not equal. We have been very happy with the Toff installations we have seen. They are affordable and look and feel like they should. We just started spraying our own liners at my dealership, with the material coming from Ford. We did our research, received the required training and began spraying liners in October 2010. The key, just like in painting cars, is in the preparation. Prepare the surface right, and the product will outlast the truck. Do it wrong, and eventually you will be seeing black flakes of bed liner flying out of your bed. Is that a form of littering? I hope this helps all you truckers out there! We all have to stick together to protect our truck's the American thing to do.

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