Drive Belt Replacement Service Savings in Greeneville, TN



Drive Belt Replacement Service in Greeneville, TN

Modern cars utilize a drive belt to transfer power from the motor to other parts of the vehicle. The drive belt should last for a long while, but it still might require replacement once or twice in a car's life. What was done by a series of drive belts in older cars is now carried out by a long, continuous belt: turning mechanical components using the rotating engine. One long drive belt has the advantage of reducing wear and improving efficiency. However, when it fails, many parts soon follow.

In older cars, you could drive with broken drive belts as long as it was the belt for a non-essential component, like the air conditioning compressor. A modern drive belt is an all-or-nothing part, so you should replace it before or when it breaks. Since it drives all essential and inessential mechanical parts, you need it for everything from starting your car to keeping the engine cool.

Fortunately, drive belts are easy to replace, and drive belt replacement is not a frequent aspect of vehicle ownership. It is simpler at Gateway Ford in Greeneville, TN. We have an on-site service center with knowledgeable technicians who can diagnose and fix any problem with your car. Please schedule an appointment for a drive belt replacement service or a checkup using our online form today.

When Do You Need Drive Belt Replacement Service?

Your car's owner manual is your best reference for most things related to car maintenance. It should tell you how many miles you can expect before your drive belt gives out. This figure will vary from car to car, with some belts rated for 50,000 miles and others for over 100,000. Your exact number will also vary slightly from your manual. This is because manufacturing and driving discrepancies can factor into wear and tear. Your car manual might also give you pointers on driving defensively in a way that keeps stress off the drive belt.

It can be easy to observe when your drive belt starts to give out. If you know where to find it in your car, you can inspect the belt for cracks and holes. These problems tend to happen near the end of a drive belt's life or when debris and rainfall exacerbate wear on the belt. When your car's drive belt starts to go, it might also squeak loudly or when wet. If any of the above issues sound like your car, arrange to have us look at it at Gateway Ford in Greeneville, TN.

Schedule Drive Belt Replacement Service at Gateway Ford

Gateway Ford staffs an on-site automotive service center to take care of drive belt replacement and other auto maintenance needs. You can schedule a drive belt replacement service using our online calendar form. Moreover, you can save cash through our automotive service coupons for customers in Greeneville, TN.