Used Car Financing Tips for Drivers in Greeneville, TN



Tips to Finance a Used Car

People often buy used cars so that they can get the most car for their buck. Still, pre-owned vehicles are not necessarily cheap. They tend to range from the high hundreds to mid thousands. If you want a like-new car, you might need financing. Financing might even be the best way to pay for any purchase that is the magnitude of a used car. For that reason, we have a knowledgeable on-site automotive finance center at Gateway Ford of Greeneville, TN. Our team will help you finance your used car purchase.

Even if you know about financing, there are some differences between financing used versus new cars. This guide will help you understand your options so when you browse our used car inventory, you can be sure of what your payment plan will look like when you purchase at Gateway Ford in Greeneville, TN. If you have any questions about the used car financing process, contact us or visit us in person to speak to one of our financing specialists.

How to Finance a Used Car

We asked our finance department to draft a simple process by which our customers can learn to finance a used vehicle purchased at Gateway Ford in Greeneville, TN. They came up with a simple four-step process that we condensed right here for you. Use the following plan to help figure out exactly how to pay for your next car:

  1. Credit Score - To start, you will need to calculate your credit score. Fortunately, we have an easy credit calculator. This simple and secure form will help you determine what your payment plans might look like for your car of choice. If you are trading in a car, also use our appraisal tool to help figure out how much you can knock off your down payment or monthly installments.
  2. Choose Your Used Vehicle - Now that you know what your options might look like, you should look over our used inventory with fresh eyes. You know what you are comfortable paying. With knowledge of your credit score, you should have an easier time choosing the perfect car.
  3. Apply for Financing - Before visiting us, use the knowledge of which car you like and your available credit to apply for financing online. This will also help us know more about you before we touch base and streamline the car-buying process.
  4. Visit Gateway Ford - Once you have completed the first three steps, you should get in touch with us or visit the dealership. We can walk you through your options to ensure you get the perfect car for you in Greeneville, TN.

Apply for a Used Car Loan at Gateway Ford

Knowing your payment is manageable should make picking the perfect car easy. Browse our used inventory online and then swing by Gateway Ford in Greeneville, TN. To make your visit smooth, consider applying for financing or calling ahead of time.